Waste Reduction

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In an effort to reduce the waste created by our event as well as the environmental impact of the waste we do create, we are pleased to undertake the following initiatives:

  • Partnering with members of the environmental community, including Clean Vibes and Fertile Earth Worm Farm, to introduce a robust recycling and composting program, diverting a significant portion of event waste from landfill.
    • Clean Vibes staff will assure proper waste separation and disposal, while educating attendees and executing the Leave No Trace initiative on behalf of the festival.
  • Introducing an environmental volunteer program in partnership with Clean Vibes in which volunteers can assist with our recycling and composting programs as well as our Leave No Trace initiatives.
  • Conducting a baseline waste stream assessment in order to assist us in further reducing waste in future years.
  • Expanding our water refill station program to reduce single-use plastic water bottles.
    • Last year, our water stations poured 90,274 liters, reducing 180,548 bottles.
    • This year, with the additional water outlets, our water stations are estimated to pour approximately 120,365 liters, reducing 227,375 water bottles.
  • Providing a hydration pack for sale to further promote water refill station use.
  • Serving all beer and soft drinks in recyclable aluminum cans (with the exception of a limited quantity of electrolyte drinks to mitigate dehydration).
  • Serving all cocktails in paper or compostable, plant-based cups.
  • Providing a reusable souvenir cup for sale to mitigate paper cup use.
  • Mitigating single-use plastic water bottles in backstage areas by providing water coolers.
  • Banning the use of polystyrene (styrofoam), plastic straws, single-use plastic cups, balloons, confetti and streamers.
  • In addition to the above bans, banning food vendors from using plastic or bio-plastic cups, food packaging, cutlery or bags (garbage bags are acceptable) and requiring that all food packaging and cutlery be backyard compostable.
  • Encouraging food vendors to use BPI-certified, PFAS-free compostable food service ware and providing preferred vendor rates for products that meet these standards.
  • Banning Ultra Merchandise plastic bags at Historic Virginia Key Beach Park.
  • Completely phasing out Ultra Merchandise plastic bags on festival grounds by the end of 2019 event (use of final inventory will occur at Marine Stadium only).
  • Developing a long-term plan to eliminate single-use plastics at the event.
  • Developing an interactive art installation that will have attendees participate in repurposing plastic water bottle waste into an impactful art piece.
  • Recycling all vegetable oil waste from food vendors into biodiesel fuel.
  • Working with partners in the environmental community to explore ideas for repurposing waste from the event into resources for future years.