Climate Action

We’ve implemented 8 INITIATIVES to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and utilize resources more efficiently. Here are some highlights to inspire you to make climate-friendly choices too!

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Calculating our carbon footprint

Our team, with the support of a verified assessment and offsetting platform, is assessing the carbon footprint of our power, production, transport, and waste. This assessment will be used internally to recommend strategies for us to shift toward a climate-healthy future!

Exploring and implementing energy-efficient power plans

After measuring energy usage during the festival, the internationally renowned experts at ZAP Concepts have identified specific areas for power efficiency opportunities. An expanded assessment will be completed this year for future implementation. Our power provider, CES Power has already implemented several efficiency strategies in powering Live Stage, UMF Radio, Oasis, concessions and offices.

Supporting carbon offsets through regional projects

This year, we will offset emissions from certain aspects of last year’s production by supporting regional nature-based projects through verified partners and platforms – while continuing our main focus on emissions reduction!

Rescuing food and supporting communities in need

Our volunteers will collect any rescuable food from vendors and catering after the festival to support Miami Rescue Mission, our partnering local homeless outreach center. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions from food waste in landfills. No food left behind!

Providing local, vegan and vegetarian food options

We’ve asked our food & beverage partners at Best Beverage Catering to include local food vendors and ask all vendors to provide vegan and vegetarian options for you to enjoy. Eating local and shifting towards a plant-based menu will reduce emissions from food sourcing, transport, and animal agriculture.

Choosing local and domestic partners to create Ultra’s merchandise.

We prioritize local and domestic printing and embroidery companies to create as much of Ultra’s branded merchandise as possible, providing high-quality pieces while striving to reduce transport emissions.

Promoting sustainable transportation options.

Public transit is much more climate-friendly than personal vehicles, carrying more people with less emissions and providing opportunities to go electric! Skip the traffic and reduce your impact by opting for one of these options.

All of our Waste Reduction initiatives also support climate health by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from sourcing, transport and landfills!