Climate Action

Here’s how we are minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and utilizing resources efficiently to protect our climate.

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Calculating and offsetting our carbon footprint

Ultra’s first-ever sustainability sponsor, Climate Futures, will provide a carbon footprint analysis, offset 3,000 tons of carbon and recommend strategies for us to shift toward a carbon neutral future! You’re invited to calculate and offset your own carbon footprint through Ultra’s 1PLANET Portal! You can also learn from Climate Futures by heading to our Eco Village during the festival!

Climate Futures

Exploring energy efficient power plans

The internationally renowned experts at ZAP Concepts will be onsite this year to test power supply at Bayfront Park and suggest efficiencies in power structure for possible implementation in future years.

Providing local, vegan and vegetarian food options

We are prioritizing food vendors that source locally and provide vegan + vegetarian options for you to enjoy. Eating local and shifting towards a plant-based menu will reduce emissions from food sourcing, transport and animal agriculture.

The following Waste Reduction Initiatives also support climate health by reducing carbon in our atmosphere!

Rescuing food and supporting communities in need

Our volunteers will collect any rescuable food from vendors and catering after the festival to support Miami Rescue Mission, our partnering local homeless shelter. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions from food waste in landfills while contributing to food security in our community. No food left behind!

Composting food waste

Non-rescuable food waste from vendors and catering will be assessed for possible composting opportunities. Should it qualify, it will be collected and transformed into compost to further reduce carbon emissions and re-introduce nutrients into local soil.

Shifting toward sustainable foodservice wares

Our plastic and styrofoam FREE food vendors are supporting climate health too! Reducing our use of plastics and creation of waste minimizes emissions from production, transport and processing.

Respecting trees and vegetation

The trees and vegetation at Bayfront Park play a crucial role in our ecosystem. They sequester carbon from the atmosphere!

Recycling cooking oil into biodiesel

Cooking oil is a valuable resource that, when recycled instead of discarded, reduces emissions from waste, reduces our dependence on petroleum fuel sources, and contributes to clean air. The cooking oil collected from Ultra will be transformed into over 1000lbs of biodiesel – and burning some types of biodiesel emits up to 85% less greenhouse gasses than burning the equivalent amount of fossil fuels.