Keep your Items Safe and Secure!

Keep yourself light on your feet by using one of our lockers to stow away your personal belongings. Returning to Bayfront Park, we will be providing safe, secure and easy storage with all-day access so you can come and go to your locker, and your valuables, at any time.

There will be lockers available for General Admission attendees, with the option to choose between renting lockers for single days or for the full festival. If you choose to rent a locker for the full weekend, you will have the option to leave your belongings stowed overnight.

Charge your Phone!

Each locker will have access to a mobile charging pack that you can use to charge your device(s) throughout the duration of your rental period. You may take this charging pack with you when roaming the festival.

When you reserve a locker online, you will receive an email 24 hours before the festival containing your locker location, locker number, and lock combination so you can easily find and use your locker. Reserve your festival locker in advance to avoid waiting at the festival!