Leave No Trace

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Ultranauts, here’s what U can do to leave no trace!

Never EVER litter

  • Nothing should ever be left on the ground, especially drink containers and cigarettes. Wind can blow these items into the city or the bay. Always put trash and recyclable materials in their appropriate receptacles.
  • If you see litter on the ground, please help by picking it up. It may not be your litter, but it is your planet!

Keep your group’s areas clean

  • If trash and recycling bins are not immediately nearby, keep your waste together and take it with you when you leave.
  • Before heading to trash and recycling bins, check your space for litter, including cigarettes, and take it with you.

ALWAYS respect natural elements

  • Do not etch, climb or hang from any trees.
  • Do not walk on or pull out any vegetation.
  • Do not approach or interact with wildlife.

Respect all protective barriers and fencing

  • Barriers and fencing are implemented to keep both you and the environment safe. Never climb, breach or move barriers.