Pollution Prevention & Nature Preservation

Here’s what we’re doing and how you can help to prevent pollution and preserve the natural elements in and around Bayfront Park!

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Leaving no trace

We’re working with Clean Vibes to keep our event as clean as possible and with their help after the event, we’ll clean Bayfront Park to the highest standards. Learn how you can leave no trace here and learn how you can volunteer with Clean Vibes here.

Cleaning up the Bayfront Park shoreline with some of our favorite community organizations

“Clean the Beat!” in partnership with Bye Bye Plastic Foundation was a huge success! With support from Send it 4 the Sea, Debris Free Oceans, Volunteer Cleanup, Clean Miami Beach and Clean this Beach Up, over 1,000 pounds of trash were removed from Bayfront Park’s shoreline on March 6! Volunteers were treated to DJ sets and Ultra t-shirts. Join us next year!

Dancing while we clean

During the festival, keep an eye out for our Mission: Home heroes from Bye Bye Plastic Foundation coming around in blue Ultra superhero capes to dance with you while we all clean up our dance floors together. Participate and you might just be in for a surprise!

Giving you easy ways to responsibly dispose of cigarette butts

Cigarette butts do not biodegrade and they leach toxicants into our soil and water, so make sure they always go in the trash. You can also use one of the 40 cigarette disposal towers we’ll disperse throughout the event or get yourself a free pocket ashtray! The Ultra Angels will have them at the entrance gates on Friday or ask for one at the Debris Free Oceans booth in the Eco Village. (While supplies last!)

Respecting trees, vegetation and wildlife

The trees at Bayfront Park play a crucial role in our ecosystem. They clean our air, shade us from heat and provide habitat and food for wildlife! Our staff and vendors have been asked to be extra mindful of trees and vegetation… you should be too! Never scrape, carve or climb trees and never trample or pull vegetation. A variety of birds, squirrels, reptiles and insects call Bayfront home too. Leave them be. Do not approach or harass wildlife.

Learning about nature present in Bayfront Park and Biscayne Bay

Local naturalists and ecologists have taught our team about the vegetation and ecosystems present all around Ultra, so that we can work towards preserving them. Now, you can learn too, by finding our “Connect to Nature” educational signage placed in special spots throughout the festival.

Protecting storm drains

Did you know Miami’s storm drains dump directly into Biscayne Bay? We’ll protect storm drains in certain high traffic areas to keep the bay safe from pollution. At our event or anywhere else, NEVER throw the trash into a storm drain!

Using responsible production effects

We’ll still give you quite the show, but we’ll continue doing it using close-proximity pyrotechnic alternatives and without balloons, confetti, or streamers, as these can pollute the grounds and waters surrounding the festival.

Kissing loose glitter goodbye

Glitter is a microplastic that is virtually impossible to ever remove from the grounds and rarely biodegrades. Do not bring loose glitter to the show.

Avoiding spills and run-off

We’re bringing back our vendor and staff guidelines for avoiding spillage and run-off to keep grounds and waters safe from potentially hazardous fluids.