About Us What is Ultra Music Festival?

Ultra Music Festival is a 3-day immersive electronic dance music festival that takes place in the heart of Downtown Miami.

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At a glance

  • Location

    Bayfront Park
    Downtown Miami, FL

  • Dates

    March 20-22

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Why Attend Ultra?


Ultra Music Festival takes place at Bayfront Park in the center of Downtown Miami— surrounded by both the waterfront and city skyline.

Attendees can take in the stunning backdrop of the Miami skyline and Biscayne Bay while watching their favorite artists perform.


Ultra provides attendees with a diverse array of electronic dance music that includes a multitude of genres— progressive house, big room, techno, trance, dubstep and more! There’s something for everyone to choose from when they arrive at Bayfront Park.

In addition, Ultra Music Festival represents the start of the calendar year in electronic music. Artists spend the winter time in the studio during the festival off-season, fine tuning their new music and set production. From special guests, groundbreaking audiovisual effects, and of course brand new music— an authentic Ultra Music Festival performance is something undeniably groundbreaking, something that can’t be witnessed anywhere else.


Ultra Music Festival produces the most technologically advanced, large-scale festival productions in the world.

Each stage serves to transport attendees to a different musical dimension where which audio and production work together as one. It’s encouraged for attendees to explore each stage to truly get the entire Ultra Music Festival experience.

Art Installations

For those looking to take a break from the music, Ultra Music Festival features interactive art installations, live-painting displays and other immersive experiences.

Visual art installations feature a cutting-edge synergy between music, art and technology. Meanwhile, a selection of the most innovative artists charm attendees with live-painting performances at various life-scale installations throughout the festival grounds.


"It’s progressed so much over the years, it’s becoming something of a phenomena."

Carl Cox

"We celebrate music, we celebrate people, we celebrate life."


"Giving people a chance to experience dance music, in the most beautiful and proper way there is…"


"Ultra has made so many people happy, including myself... it's a celebration of life, it's a celebration of the young, the new and the fresh."

Armin van Buuren

"Every DJ from every country who is something is at Ultra, it’s like the Olympics of the DJs."


"The great thing about Ultra is there’s always a lot of different colors and shades around the edges and opportunities for you to go and have a completely different experience of musical discoveries."

Pete Tong

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*Numbers are from Ultra Music Festival 2019.